General Information

We are a licensed and insured company with over 30 years' experience and a member of the National Horse Carriers Association. We are well known within the thoroughbred industry and have a good client reputation. We are highly recommended by trainers, owners and breeders. We are also known for our professionalism and being on time for delivery and pick-ups. We regularly make trips through the mid-west every three weeks to Kentucky, as well as charter loads to California and Arizona for horse shows. We also offer emergency services to Washington State University. We have 2 drivers on all long-haul trips as required by the Department of Transportation regulations.

Routes & Schedules

Any listed trip may be subject to change. Please Contact us for details.

Next Trip:

Trips to Kentucky every 3 weeks. Call for details.
Charlie: (509) 607-9904 | Debbie: (509) 607-0794

Member of the National Horse Carriers Association
We do interline with major carriers for East Coast.


All shipping costs are due at the time of loading unless prior arrangements have been made. We do accept Visa at this time.


Quotes are made free of charge. Calls are returned as soon as possible.

Deciding if a horse needs oil or not is up to the client or his/her vet.

The use of tail wraps or shipping boots is up to the client. If the wraps slide down or come off they will be removed. We will not put them back on unless there is a medical reason.

We will ship small amounts of tack within reason, providing there is enough room.

Our stalls are bedded deep in shavings or straw. Horses are shipped with hay from client. A bale is recommended on long trips.

Horses are layed up on long hauls based on the clients wants or needs. If horses are to be layed up at a facility, the cost is passed down onto the shipper.

We also have stalls and paddocks available in Thorp, WA if horses need to lay up before continuing on to their destination.

Horses are stopped every 5 hours to have water and hay nets checked, and given time to empty out and make sure there are no problems.

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